Friday, October 30, 2009

Entry 6

I would like to welcome everybody to another entry in my on going blog entitled, “My Adventures and Beliefs while in Italy”. First, I would like you to thank everyone for tuning in and taking time out of your own lives to read my thoughts. You may think it’s not a big deal, but I do. It means a lot when I see people going out of their way and taking time out (that they will never get back again) just to read something coming out of my head, (no homo) really means a lot. When making this site, I didn’t realize initially that if you wanted to leave comments you had to register. So to keep things simple for everybody, I went into my settings and took that restraint off. Now anybody can leave comments without needing to register. People were telling me to get rid of it and sure enough I did, so there you go. Also if you have questions, want to know what I think about an issue or current event going on. Don’t hesitant, shoot me an email, a facebook or even myspace message and I’ll see what I can do. Sometimes I need ideas to help stimulate the greatness that takes place inside this brain of mines sometimes, now lets begin.

If you haven’t notice, I have been playing basketball for many years now. A while ago I came to this philosophy that every game you play in, regardless if it’s within quarters of a basketball game, either half of a game or even separate basketball games apart. The basketball gods can treat you like a king, then they can turn around and treat you peasant. The feeling you get when you are having a great game is so incredible, but yet the “basketball gods” can also make you so frustrated when shots aren’t falling and things just aren’t going your way. Case and point, it was our home opener of the season on Saturday (Oct. 17) and I played a great game. I had 27 points, 5 rebounds. Made amazing plays on both ends of the court the entire game. I shot a ridiculous percentage from the 3pt line, free throw line and from the field; I couldn’t do any wrong that night. Here are some highlights from that game (They only showed my 2 dunks though):

The next game we played was in Cyprus against Nicosia (Oct. 20) to get a chance to play in the eurocup. We played them (Nicosia) first at their place then in a week we played them at our place. The objective is to win both games to get in the eurocup. But if both teams split with a win then the way they pick the qualifying team is by point margin of victory from both games. So if we lose by 5 points the first game then the next game we need to win by 6 points to advance. For those who don’t know, the eurocup brings together the best team from all over Europe to play against each other. I’m not sure but I think the top 2 teams that make it out of each pool (4 teams in each pool, 5 pools I think) makes it to the playoffs, then from there a champion is declared. Here’s the site: We started the Nicosia game so flat (less than 200 hundred people were in attendance, the court floor was dirty as hell) and I couldn’t make a shot. I went 1 for 10 for the game and we lost by 14 points. Basketball to me is like a beautiful woman sometimes. Lets say you’re in a club one night; you go up to the finest woman in the club. She talks to you; dances with you and even purchases all your drinks for the whole night. She gives you her number; so your thinking you had a pretty good night right? So then the following weekend, you go to a different club but see the same girl. You go up to her, but this time she plays stupid like she doesn’t even know who you are now. You can’t get any attention from her; she went to VIP with some other dudes now. Your left dazed and confused, that’s how I felt after the game.

So after that let down lost, we had another road game against Sienna (Oct. 24). I didn’t even know until we got there but I guess Siena is the shit over (the last 3-4 years) here in Italy. They have won 120 of the last 130 games; they haven’t lost at home in 3 seasons. They went 40-1 last season and swept every team in the playoffs as well, impressive I must say. So for that game, the referees decided to give me 3 fouls in the first quarter. I knew the ref’s were gunning for me once I got a defensive rebound and they called foul on me (I didn’t do anything to deserve a foul). So that just proved to me the referees obviously weren’t trying to let me have an impact on the game, which I didn’t. I barely played and we lost by 20 something. Siena is a good team, but their players have been playing there for a while now. They just have good team chemistry already. Siena is definitely beatable; it’s just that the other teams (including my team) are still trying to find their chemistry in our league, I’ll be ready for the rematch back at our place. So the next game we played was the rematch against Nicosia to get into the eurocup. Since we lost by 14 points in the first game, we had to win the game by at least 15 to move on, a tough task. I will just let the link tell you more of the game, but it was a thriller though:

While I been here, I have heard at least 2-3 times from locals that I look just like Will Smith. Will Smith? When they say this to me I’m thinking, “You can’t be serious right now”. I finally came to the realization that he is probably the most famous black man in the world (not counting Barack of course). Then, since they probably don’t have or know many black friends that look like me in the first place, this is the first thing that comes to mind when trying to compare me to another black person. Its just amusing how the human mind works sometimes that’s all, I know they mean well. Don’t get wrong, I have had people say that Denzel Washington and Morris Chestnut (more Morris though) look like me over the past 4-5 years. So I mean, it wouldn’t be too out of the blue you know? They do posses the same sexy qualities as “me” so it’s only natural for those comparisons to be brought up.

So I don’t really feel like going deep this entry since I was wrote a lot of my basketball games. So I’ll hold out until next time, I’m thinking about talking but my upbringing and how it was growing up in Compton, so we will see. People always asked me (still do) about:,_California. Do some research and prepare yourself for the next entry. This will probably be my last entry on this website, I’m moving again. So like the Michael Jackson tour, “This Is It”. I will let everybody in on the details later. One more thing, ladies have fun this Halloween. Enjoy dressing up sexy (others sluttish) in public for everybody to witness, wish I could see the costumes this year. Ciao!


  1. don't let all the "sexy comparisons" get to your head, Bobby. lol. and about the fine woman in the club, maybe if you called her between weekends, she'd act like she knew you. and how u find a woman who buys all your drinks? if i EVER did that, you'd better believe we know each other - next one's on you. lol

  2. Basketball God's... Will Smith.. funny :) Love catchin up on ur lifeeeee BJ haha. Miss ya! -Naoko

  3. Haha Good work! Those dunk are amazing Bob!